What Color Socks to Wear with Jeans

What Color Socks to Wear with Jeans

One of the top questions that many fashion consultants get is what type of socks that should be used with jeans. It is often a difficult task to know more about the pattern of socks and the color of socks that works well with jeans. Getting the right length and choosing the ideal style comes down to a few top characteristics. Here are some top tips on how you can wear colored socks with a pair of jeans:

Choose socks that match your shoes

If you have shoes that are darker-toned, consider choosing colors on socks that are darker as well. The other option you can choose is a socket that is a bright contrast against the shoe. Choosing a truly bright sock against dark jeans and dark shoes can add an interesting touch as well.

Don’t settle for plain white socks

Plain white socks and jeans is a boring look. When most people see white socks their mind goes to the idea of athletic socks or bargain socks. Choosing to add a dash of color into your outfit is a great way to elevate it. Plain white socks can quickly ruin a well put together look.

Going Classic with patterns

Simple patterns work well with denim. Choosing patterns like polka dots, stripes, zigzags and more can be a great contrast from the patterns on your jeans.

Match the tone

Matching the overall tone of your jeans can be a great way that you can make socks blend with your outfit.

Choosing socks for flair

Choosing a pair of socks with outrageous patterns or bright colors that focuses the eye away from a fairly neutral outfit can be a great way to make your socks are the perfect fashion accessory. Just be sure that it is only your socks with the outrageous patterns and colors as this can make your look appear too busy.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind regarding the right color socks to wear with your jeans.

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