The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Fashion Diet

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Fashion Diet

Fashion dieting is a term often associated with the need to cut down, cleanse oneself from excessive fashion consumption. This term is most prevalent amongst “fashion aholics” who are tired of the consistent impulsive attitude towards buying items of clothing and accessories.

Opinions on Collected.Reviews state that fashion dieting is also a way of reducing the rising effects of fast fashion, thereby encouraging decluttering and leaning towards slow fashion as a sustainable option.

Fashion dieting is equivalent to fitness consultation but the latter requires you to rid yourself of excessive buying.

 Here’s a guide to assist you while fashion dieting.

1.        Personal Project:

Every personally motivated activity stands the test of time. The major reason why fashion dieting might have not worked for you in the past could be as a result of your inability to deem it a personal and important issue to deal with. Making your fashion dieting a personal project makes the process a lot intentional and in the long run, you’ll start seeing results of your progress. Because it’s only your insistence to maintain your stance to fashion cleansing that will hold your thirst down on days you feel like blowing the whole thing off.

2.        Recycling/Upcycling:

When venturing into fashion dieting, it’s important to note that this does not entirely mean you do not have to dress up and look good. It only means you have to drastically cut down on obsessive buying and pay attention to what you already have. When starting fashion dieting, give into the idea of recycling and repurposing outfits. You could easily turn your maxi dress into a skirt and vice versa. Embracing the idea of recycling gives you the understanding that you could make a statement outfit out of an already existing outfit without thinking of purchasing new items.

3.        Invest More on Neutral Tone Outfits:

When practicing fashion dieting, you’re faced with two realizations: that you might have enough outfit more than you need and that you also have enough to last you a lifetime. In cases of realizing you have an abundance of stuff, you have no use for, declutter and sell them. When you’ve done this, pay attention to only purchasing a few items of neutral tones that are versatile enough to go with almost what’s leftover in your wardrobe.

4.        Manage Resources:

The language of fashion dieting is that of managing resources. When embarking on the fashion dieting journey, pay attention to the items your money goes on. Do not spend on outfits that you have no essential need of. Also, fashion dieting helps you better manage your resources. In situations whereby you have more than enough clothing in your possession, decluttering and selling puts money into your purse as well as helps you stay off purchasing.

Fashion dieting is not an easy journey to embark on especially for recovering shopaholics. But following this guide not only helps you realize why you’re doing this but also shows you the intrinsic benefits of this project.

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