Jewelry Set, Best Gift for Beloved People

Jewelry Set, Best Gift for Beloved People

Jewelry is a metal suitable for gifts. If you want to give a memorable gift to a loved one or partner, then a set of jewelry can be an option.

Why do people buy jewelry as a set? Because you will get a variety of jewelry in one set. If it is worn, then some of the jewelry included in the set will look harmonious. In addition, the price will be cheaper than buying jewelry one by one.

What are the Contents of a jewelry set?


Necklace including the first type of jewelry. Elongated necklace shape and resembles a chain. Necklaces are very flexible to wear, men and women can all wear necklaces. The material for making necklaces also varies in addition to gold, necklaces can also be made of silver or other metals.

In the chain, there are two types of necklace chains that are often encountered, namely the cable model, in which the shape resembles a joined cable and a snake model, which looks like snake skin. In addition to the chain, there is also a hook to attach the ends of the necklace so that it can be worn.


Turning to the second type of jewelry, namely bracelets. Bracelets are jewelry that is generally worn on the wrist. But there are also bracelets that are worn around the ankles. This jewelery can be made of real gold or silver. You can adjust according to your taste.

There are various types of bracelets. With the development of the times, bracelet designs have become increasingly diverse. But one model that is often encountered is a bracelet with a bangle. The bangle can also be one stack, two piles or three piles, depending on your wishes.


Who doesn’t know the ring? The jewelery that is worn on the ring finger is a symbol of binding sacred promises between men and women for marriage. So that the use of rings can be applied to both men and women. Rings for weddings are usually real gold jewelery.

Although for now, rings in other materials besides gold can also be made at a more affordable price. For example, palladium, platinum or silver rings. For men who believe they should not wear gold rings, rings with these materials are a good choice.


Earrings are jewelry that is attached to the ear. The use of earrings is usually applied to women. Its purpose is to differentiate between men and women. But as time goes by, men are now wearing earrings, usually called piercings (earrings, etc.).

Various forms of earring jewelry. Some are in the form of hearts, diamonds, crystals, flowers, long, round and others. You can choose the forms of earrings according to your personality. Suppose you are a person who likes pink, then heart-shaped earrings can suit you.


So if this one jewelry is called Pendants. This pendant is the eye part of the necklace. Pendants made of gold are usually sold separately as necklaces. The eye part of this necklace is the main attraction for necklace enthusiasts. You can also design your own pendant that suits you.

For example, a gold pendant with the initials of the letters of your name, or a large pendant with your favorite shape, such as a heart, flower, butterfly, round, pentagon and others. The sale of a necklace that is separate from the pendant also makes it easier for buyers who want to change their pendants because they don’t need to buy the chain necklace.


You already know what is included in a jewelry set. Well, sometimes in jewelry stores, they are still grouped by user. With this, buyers will find it easier to choose the jewelry they need. Purchasing a gold jewelry set can have many benefits such as lower prices, matching styles, and suitable as gifts.

You can buy a set of jewelry online or come directly to the store. Although, actually buying via the internet seems easier because you can compare prices just by looking at the photos listed. Payment is an important point that must be considered when buying jewelry at online stores. Look for a jewelry shop that provides a guarantee as proof of being a trusted shop.

Ask clearly what payment methods are provided by the online store of your choice. Usually every shop has a different method. Some can directly transfer via bank, use PayPal, or even use Bitcoin. The payment flow to the delivery process must be clear considering the item you buy is jewelry.

Paying through third parties or marketplaces is one of the safest. You can also Buy jewelry with bitcoin or with PayPal. If the transfer is direct, make sure you send the transfer on behalf of the company, not personally.

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