Want to know how you can really look 70s?

If you want to look completely different, you should really look at decades’ costumes. It doesn’t matter if it is a holiday fashion statement, party with a unique theme or Halloween season. Good thing is, there is a massive display of these awesome outfits at some dedicated online stores – of course the 70s outfits are no exception. Now, let us go over what you need to do to look 70s.

Number 1: Wear the Proper Upper Clothing

Some tops are a must-wear if you want to dress like the 70s. People in this era had polyester collared-shirts with flared sleeves on the top of their list. Quite often, you would see them on satin shirts and vests. They preferred disco fashion which they wore to reflect disco hall lights.

Men and women in the 70s capped off this fashion sense with suede suit jackets. Under the jackets, they wore unbuttoned shirts, with boots, moccasins or platform shoes. What you would commonly see on their shirts and pants are pictures and prints of animals.

You would be dapperly looking 70s if you blend these patterns on your Halloween or themes party clothes.

Number 2: The 70s Pants

If you want to ideally look 70s, you will have to concentrate on the type of pants they wore. They would often go for bell bottom pants and jeans which came in different patterns. In this era, women wore lots of mini-skirts and mini-dresses. One piece jump suits with flare ends were also popular for the women. So, you really should consider those for your Halloween or themed parties.

Number 3: The 70s Hairstyle

Without the silly 70s hairstyle, your looks will be incomplete. Fortunately it does not cost much to style your hair like the 70s. Simply wear your hair long and straightened, or wear a feathered wig.

Number 4: The Appropriate Accessories

The 70s costume was always accompanied by flashy chains and bracelets. The male celebrities of that time usually wore gold medallions with peace symbols. On the other hand, the women often wore large dangling earrings, or the hoop types. The women also tied matching scarves around their hair to complement the whole outfit. As neck accessories and bracelets, women wore multiple beads.

Number 5: Platform shoes

Platform shoes or high-knee boots are what men and women wore most often in the 70s. You will be looking complete if you rock those alongside your outfit.

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