12 Long Sleeve Midi Dresses Perfect For Spring

12 Long Sleeve Midi Dresses Perfect For Spring

When winter is over, we will soon usher in the spring season. Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer. We can finally take off the bloated down jacket and put on a light and comfortable clothes. For girls, our biggest expectation is to wear our beloved mid-length long-sleeved dress.

Winter is not as warm as spring. Girls who are afraid of cold can’t wait to put on layers of thick clothes. But in the spring, whether it’s going to work or going shopping, the girl casually puts on a decent mid-length long-sleeved dress, and then she can pull her bag out. What’s more, the dress is not only convenient but also more beautiful to wear, which can well protect the girl’s slim figure. Who can refuse?

Now it’s January, and the pace of spring is getting closer. Are you ready for your shopping list for the long-sleeved long-sleeved dress for the spring of 2021? If not, come and see what types of popular styles are available this year!

Square Neck High Slit Long Sleeve Midi Dress

If you have no clue about the popular long-sleeved dresses in 2021, the white square-neck dress can help you. Clean and simple white is suitable for any season. It is a slim style. If the girl is very thin, it is easy to wear like a bamboo pole. Fortunately, the lantern sleeves on both sides of the skirt are balanced with the tight-fitting design, so that girls should look thin, thin, and fat.

Simple Shoulder Cut Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Although knitted clothes are standing styles in winter, some tight-fitting knitted dresses are really good, especially black ones. The black tight-fitting dress that is only calf-length is not only warm but also very fashionable. As long as you match a pair of black high-heeled boots of the same color and wear a necklace as an ornament on your neck, it is very suitable for daily life.

Simple High Slit Solid Long Sleeve Midi Dress

The brown style is similar to the first dress. There is no difference in the design of these two dresses, but the brown knitted dress can have alternative collocations. Yes, I was talking about knee boots. The side slit design of the brown skirt can make up for the shortness of over-the-knee boots, making the overall match look very cool.

Off Shoulder Solid Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Among the knit dresses, I also recommend one type, which is the strapless drawstring dress. If we look at more flat dresses, we can easily lose our freshness, so I suggest that we can consider dresses with drawstrings. The drawstring design not only brings freshness but after the drawstring of the skirt is tightened, it can also make the calf look more slender and slender.

Square Neck Side Slit Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Leather jackets are a style I hate very much, but dresses made of leather are my favorite. The square collar design can show a sexy collarbone. The exposed skin contrasts sharply with black, making the skin whiter. And another advantage of dresses made of leather is that they drape well and won’t make people feel cheap.

Elegant High Slit Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Speaking of spring, the first color we think of is green. To respond well to the theme of spring, it is good to buy a green dress. This dress is made of fine chiffon fabric with a shiny effect. And the surface of the skirt is very silky and very close to the skin. The best thing is that the design of the shoulder pads on the shoulders can stand upright on the upper body, making the girl look noble and elegant.

Tie-Dye Crew Neck Long Sleeve Midi Dress

A large area of black and a small amount of white will have a cold feeling. In turn, the dress looks a bit like blue and white porcelain in Eastern countries. It is a style of ink and wash that can make people exude a gentle and elegant temperament. And its skirt has a wavy design that looks like a blooming flower, which is very three-dimensional.

Vintage Solid Long Sleeve Midi Dress

If girls want to look sexy and elegant in long-sleeved dresses, don’t miss the one-word neck style. The elastic one-neck knitted dress will not increase the burden on you but can create an elegant and graceful image. The girl wears it with a pair of white and black boots. The minimalist black and white combination is the most advanced match.

Square Neck Printed Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Warm spring is the time when flowers and leaves sprout. There is no better time to wear a floral skirt than this time of the year. The floral dress with a green square neck and split design not only has a sense of fashion but also has a refreshing pastoral style. Every young girl should get one.

Chic Gauze Patchwork Long Sleeve Midi Dress

Among dress styles, shirt skirts are a very unique fashion type. Although the material of this blue dress is not denim, it looks very similar due to its thick fabric. Also, the hem of the skirt is spliced with feminine lace, which makes the skirt not only fashionable and sexy but also not lacking in feminine characteristics.

This article roughly introduces 10 spring mid-length and long-sleeved dresses that are popular in 2021, including knitted, chiffon, and floral, all of which are very popular styles. If girls don’t know what dresses to choose, they must be right. These clothes are wholesale womens clothing, and the price is very cheap. You can buy with confidence!

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